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NTIS Accelerates Data-Centric Services by Leading Private-Sector, Government Partnerships

In May, Commerce’s NTIS Director Avi Bender spoke with Francis Rose, who hosts Government Matters at WJLA-TV, about the recent Federal Data Meeting, the common challenges facing most agencies today, and the exciting NTIS private-sector partnerships that are accelerating innovation across the federal landscape.

“There's tremendous talent within the government and in the private sector. The key is how do you bring them together as early as possible,” said NTIS Director Avi Bender. "I think we learned one thing [from the Federal Data Meeting] and that is capacity to scale. Federal agencies are having difficulty in getting timely access to the right resources, the tools, and the capabilities... to connect this information and derive insights.”

The Federal Data Meeting, which was hosted by NTIS in April, revealed that federal agencies continue to examine complicated technical methods for deploying data-intensive services while navigating a constrained pool of IT professionals.

With these common challenges in mind – a recurring pattern of data-oriented obstacles facing both large and small federal departments – NTIS offers a strong value-proposition by accelerating the data innovation process; bringing talent and leadership together for early conversations; and providing a holistic framework to solve large, complex data challenges within 60-90 days.

Through its expanding, merit-oriented partnerships (called the Joint Venture Partnership Program), NTIS enables other federal departments to remain focused on their core mission and citizen services, while relying on NTIS to facilitate the underlying data access mechanisms, business intelligence goals, and talent-resource partnerships that are collectively necessary to achieving rapid improvements and measurable outcomes.

In the next two years, NTIS anticipates working with a diverse, expanding collection of federal and private-sector partners to promptly address national data-intensive problems while enabling the federal government to serve its citizens more effectively and efficiently.

See the entire interview at - http://govmatters.tv/ntis-leading-data-sharing-effort-between-government-and-industry/

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