NTIS | We Help Federal Agencies Put Their Data to Work
We Help Federal Agencies put their Data to Work

We Help Federal Agencies put their Data to Work

What We Do

NTIS helps federal agencies rapidly analyze, manage and implement scalable data solutions by leveraging an extensive NTIS network of technical talent from private industry, which is often difficult to locate in today’s competitive IT landscape.

Results from the Federal Data Meeting, which NTIS hosted in April 2017, highlight the recurring and commonplace federal IT difficulties involving data discovery, data interoperability, data analytics and forecasting, and data security that often hinder agency decision-makers. Data Meeting participants examined the broader questions of how and why “Achieving Operational Excellence through Data-Driven Decisions” remains critical to measuring and adapting to dynamic mission milestones and goals.

NTIS envisions and helps agencies realize a near future when real-time, diverse datasets may be used to reduce traffic congestion, increase energy efficiency, and reduce fraud and waste for the American public. In fact, cooperation between the public and private sectors often leads to tremendous innovation in the government landscape. And NTIS projects involve just the type of public-private cooperation that most strategic plans imagine — leading to improved access, discovery, and usability of government research and data.

Our process

The collaborative process begins with you, our federal customers – and sharing critical conversations to rapidly formulate your agency’s comprehensive proposal within 60-90 days. Next, the NTIS data teams pursue a swift, transparent, and talent-infused process by collaborating with our Joint Venture Partners. Together, we’ll build a new product or service – quickly. And NTIS will work closely with you to continuously refine and innovate your agency’s data-driven solutions to match emerging trends and dynamic milestones.

For most agencies, the NTIS process match the following:

NTIS Joint Venture process
  1. You identify a need, and NTIS reviews it.
  2. NTIS works closely with your agency to develop objectives and evaluation criteria.
  3. Partners prepare a response and work collaboratively with NTIS to develop the project objectives and evaluation criteria. In-person oral presentations and demonstrations frequently extend the critical conversations.
  4. The project proposal is submitted to the NTIS advisory board. If approved, NTIS notifies your agency and begins development a project plan.
  5. Within 60-90 days, the paperwork is signed, funds are obligated, and work begins on your data innovation project.

Does your agency have a technical project in mind?

To begin your agency’s critical conversations, please reach out to NTIS at businessopportunities@ntis.gov, and NTIS looks forward to responding within 24 hours.