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DOC Data Strategy

The Department of Commerce’s Data Strategy for fiscal years 2021-2024 can be found HERE.

NTIS Data Governance Board

Greg Capella, Randy Caldwell, Chakib Chraibi, Pat Gresham, Allison McCall, Andrea Patterson, Elizabeth Shaw, Wayne Strickland.

Priority Goals (Milestone 2.1/DOC Data Strategy Action Plan)

CY2021 CY2022 CY2023
  • Enhance Data Ingestion for NTRL and DB Lease.
  • Support OCIO cloud migration of NTRL.
  • Strengthen NTIS data innovation model.
  • Implement automation options.
  • Optimize Digitization Procedures – increase capacity and decrease processing time.
  • Explore initiatives to address and educate on emerging technologies.
  • Quality Control/Assurance of implemented automation options.
  • Leverage Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to increase discoverability of NTRL.
  • Increase access to knowledge of cutting-edge analytical tools and trends.