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Transforming data into valuable public services

About us

We’re part of “America’s Data Agency,” the U.S. Department of Commerce.

We help federal agencies make better decisions about data, with data. We provide the support and structure that helps our partners securely store, analyze, sort, and aggregate data in new ways. We use our private-sector partners’ knowledge to create new ways of using data to solve problems. Our Joint Venture program works side-by-side with universities, nonprofits and industry professionals — together, they can experiment with data science technologies before they’re available in the marketplace.

Our history

No other group can replicate our history and experience managing data.

Originally called the Publication Board, our organization was created after World War II. Our purpose was to serve as the U.S. government’s repository for scientific research and information. As such, we still maintain the world’s most comprehensive collection of U.S.-sponsored research. We house more than 3 million publications, and our data covers topics that range from aerodynamics to urban development. Our archive spans the Manhattan project to present.

But now we have a new mission: to foster innovation and economic growth by providing information and data services to the public, the private industry, and other federal agencies.

Today, we’re building new products and services with private-sector partners. We're making those products and services available to federal agencies before they come to market. We’re creating a faster pipeline and — as a result — benefitting agencies, businesses, communities, and the public.

Our team

We believe diverse teams produce the best work, and so our projects are staffed with people inside and outside the government.

We have in-house data scientists, project managers, researchers, and engineers. Our Joint Venture Partners include private companies, nonprofits, and universities.

The NTIS Announces New Joint Venture Partnerships for Data Services On October 19, 2016 The U.S. Commerce Department's National Technical Information Service (NTIS) announced that it selected 35 organizations through a merit-based process as eligible to be joint venture partners (JVPs).

Job opportunities

We’re a 200-person organization dedicated to helping government ask questions and get results — all using data.

Our mission demands data-savvy people. We’re looking for people who speak R, Python, and D3. Who dream in Databricks, Spark, and AWS. Who believe better data insights can lead to better public services.

We don’t have any open positions right now, but will soon! In the meantime, check out other opportunities at the U.S. Department of Commerce.