Welcome to the Federal Data Science Community of Practice

Our Mission

We have been established to serve as the principal community of practice for data professionals from across federal government to share proven practices among agencies and critical insights into what's working "on the front lines", the Data Cabinet plays an essential role in advancing data-driven management, maximizing the use of the data, and enhancing problem-solving throughout government.

We do this by focusing on:

Data Value Proposition

The value of data lies in the Agencies ability to use it. Raw data adds value as it moves up the pyramid to become the cornerstone of high-level, high value decisions by leadership.

Valuable Data comes from three pillars:

Data Management

The process of defining, monitoring and improving data quality; ensuring privacy, confidentiality and appropriate access; enabling access to decision support data for reporting and analysis; storing, protecting, indexing and enabling access to data found in unstructured sources; integrating, controlling and delivering metadata

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Data Management leads to high quality data

Image illustrating Data Management

Data Governance

The exercise of authority, control and shared decision-making (planning, monitoring and enforcement) over the management of data assets. Data Governance is high-level planning and control over data management

  • Data Governance ensures the entire agency understands the value and handling of data

Image of desk illustrating Data Governance

Data in Action

Using data to make decisions that fulfill the organization's mission

  • Data in Action is the Value derived from the agencies efforts

Image illustrating Data in Action

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Together, Advancing Data-Driven Government

Guiding principles to advance culture with data: