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Well known as pioneers and leaders in environmental responsibility, The University of Vermont offers courses in Sustainable Innovation that helps students learn the in-demand skills to master the concepts of Sustainability behind the growing interest in Enterprise Social Responsibility through the triple bottom line.

The University of Vermont’s Advanced Certificates in Sustainable Innovation offered 100% online

The Advanced Certificate in Sustainable Innovation programs are designed for professionals that want to improve their knowledge of sustainability, social responsibility, and environmental science in either a business or campus institution context. Sustainability is based on a simple principle: Everything that we need for our survival and well-being depends, either directly or indirectly, on our natural environment. Sustainability creates and maintains the conditions under which humans and nature can coexist, while fulfilling the social, economic and environmental requirements of present and future generations.

Federal, state, and local government employees now have access, via NTIS, to the University of Vermont’s Advanced Certificates in Sustainable Innovation. All federal government employees are eligible to save 10% off individual certificate courses and 5% off master certificate programs.

Advanced Certificate in Sustainable Innovation

This program is designed for professionals who want to learn about critical sustainable business enterprise strategies and techniques. Students will master key sustainability topics and trends relating to businesses, communities and non-profit organizations allowing them to have a clear understanding of the discipline as a whole. The course will prepare participants to be able to weigh the benefits of different sustainability approaches and recommend options based on their analysis. Furthermore, they will be able to competently identify existing sustainable standards and best practices to help organizations become more sustainable and establish themselves as leaders in this growing field.

The curriculum is designed to assist business professionals to:

  • Transform their business into a powerful catalyst, model, and engine of positive and lasting change - a driving force that leads society by design to a sustainable and desirable future.
  • Bring about change through transformative and financially sustainable innovations

Adobe PDF File Advanced Certificate in Sustainable Innovation


Advanced Certificate in Sustainable Campus Innovation

Colleges, universities, community colleges and other academic institutions are playing a critical role in the transformation for a sustainable future, not only by training and educating future leaders and supporting researchers in the quest for applied solutions, but also by serving as models of innovative practices and sustainable systems, campuses, and communities. The curriculum is designed based upon UVM’s five-day, Intensive Summer Program for the Campus Sustainability Leadership Program which serves as an outline for the online certification program and is designed to assist individuals in higher education to:

  • Transform their campuses into a powerful catalyst, model, and engine of positive and lasting change - a driving force that leads society by design to a sustainable and desirable future.
  • Bring about change through transformative, financially sustainable innovations at each institution and help the participant’s campus become a model of sustainability.

Adobe PDF File Advanced Certificate in Sustainable Innovation


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Classes begin monthly, and fill quickly. When you are ready, contact registration and identify yourself as a government employee entitled to the discount in the agreement with NTIS.