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University of Florida Executive Education Certificate Programs Online

The demand on government agencies to optimize performance while reducing operating costs has never been greater. Effective leadership skills and the ability to create organizational change are now of paramount importance and today's government leaders are calling for a higher benchmark of knowledge and competence from their employees.

Whether you're currently working for the government or aspire to, you can get the skills you need to distinguish yourself from your colleagues with the Essentials of Business Executive Certificate program from UF Executive Education. Participants will gain a strong functional understanding of the core business disciplines and the tactical skills and tools experienced leaders need to implement strategic business objectives.

All federal government employees are eligible to save 10% off individual certificate courses and 5% off master certificate programs.

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Available Certificate Programs

Executive Certificate in Business Essentials & Leadership

Companies across all industries rely on the expertise of management to effectively execute business strategy. From front-line managers to business unit leaders, professionals at various levels are being challenged to implement plans, manage conflict, delegate responsibility and drive results. With the Executive Certificate in Business Essentials & Leadership, you’ll learn the fundamentals of front-line leadership, including the crucial ability to deliver results through others.

Your program begins with Business Essentials I & II, building a strong understanding of the core business disciplines, before moving into your Tactical Leadership capstone course learning:

  • Your personal management style and approach to emotional intelligence
  • Your strengths and opportunities for development
  • How to create mutual accountability and handle critical conversations
  • Strategy execution as a change process


Executive Certificate in Business Essentials & Human Resource Management

No matter your position or industry, business managers in any organization can benefit by expanding their knowledge of human resources. Effective employee management is critical to a company’s success, and gaining valuable HR skills can help you to recruit, retain, motivate and optimize your workforce. With this program, you’ll learn about strategic workforce planning, performance management, team development, restructuring, policy compliance and employee engagement. In addition, you’ll master more traditional HR functions, including talent acquisition, pay structures, incentive and benefits planning, and much more.

Your program begins with Business Essentials I & II, where you will build a strong understanding of the core business disciplines, before moving into your Tactical Human Resource Management capstone course learning:

  • How to acquire, motivate, develop, reward and manage your most important asset – people
  • The basic legal and conceptual framework for HR practices and policies
  • Practices and techniques for effective execution of HR functions
  • What it means to become “An Employer of Choice,” and HR’s pivotal role in this process


Executive Certificate in Business Essentials & Information Technology Management

Technology and globalization have brought about rapid change and revolutionized the way we do business, providing opportunity for growth but also the possibility of peril. To capitalize on the opportunities while avoiding common pitfalls, professionals within any organization and industry must have a solid foundation of IT skills.

Your program begins with Business Essentials I & II, where you will build a strong understanding of the core business disciplines, before moving into your Tactical Information Technology Management course learning:

  • The role of IT and different types of software in the modern enterprise
  • How to leverage IT for competitive advantage and ROI maximization
  • The implication of network effects in IT products and services
  • How to harness social media and Web 2.0 for the organization


Executive Certificate in Business Essentials & Marketing Management

A company’s success often relies on marketing, and in today’s highly competitive economy, the right or wrong message can make or break the bottom line. But marketing isn’t just about crafting a clever campaign; it requires an understanding of brand development, distribution channels, pricing, promotion, customers and competition.

Your program begins with Business Essentials I & II, where you will build a strong understanding of the core business disciplines, before moving into your Tactical Marketing Management course learning:

  • The importance of marketing, how marketing relates to other business functions and the role of marketing in society at large
  • How to select, analyze and define a target market for a product or service
  • How to evaluate market planning and strategy for a product or service
  • Competing through innovation, including web, social media, email, mobile and more


Executive Certificate in Tactical Leadership & Management

Today’s professionals need to possess strong leadership skills as well as a working knowledge within other functional areas of business. In order to advance, it is critical that managers – from front-line to business unit leaders – gain an understanding of the forces driving decisions within other departments.

Your program begins with Tactical Leadership, where you will learn the fundamentals of successful leadership, before moving into two additional capstone courses of your choice, gaining tactical expertise in two of the following disciplines: HR, IT or Marketing Management. You will learn:

  • Your personal management style and approach to emotional intelligence
  • Conflict resolution, decision-making techniques and creating mutual accountability
  • Strategic thinking and executing organizational strategy
  • Advanced knowledge in HR, IT or marketing (see corresponding certificates for more)


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