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Documents in the NTIS Technical Reports collection are the results of federally funded research. They are directly submitted to or collected by NTIS from Federal agencies for permanent accessibility to industry, academia and the public.  Before purchasing from NTIS, you may want to check for free access from (1) the issuing organization's website; (2) the U.S. Government Printing Office's Federal Digital System website; (3) the federal government Internet portal; or (4) a web search conducted using a commercial search engine such as

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SharePoint: Managing Your Digital Assets

Collaboration is no longer optional, and for many organizations SharePoint is fast becoming the de facto collaboration and document mangement tool. An independent 2009 SharePoint survey indicates 83% of organizations have either used SharePoint or intend to use it.

At NTIS, we can help you achieve the benefits of SharePoint's functionality. We listen to you, analyze your strategic goals and find the ways information-sharing tools can best meet your needs. We can turn an out-of-the-box product into a powerhouse solution. You get the advantages of a custom design without the headaches: it's non-proprietary, scalable and doesn't need specialized maintenance.

A powerhouse solution for challenging times

Secure File Sharing

With your needs in mind, we work closely with you on establishing a user-friendly way to secure documents so that all end-users can collaborate on documents with confidence. We listen to your needs, analyze your strategic goals and find the ways information-sharing tools can work to your fullest advantage.

Process efficiency, accountability and transparency

We establish SharePoint workflows that will speed up existing processes and free up users from mundane tasks. We create forms to facilitate gathering data, even from organizations that do not use SharePoint. We create smart alerts so that users are notified of deadlines, overdue items or change of status items.

Training & Governance

Training is one of the biggest roadblocks to using SharePoint to its fullest extent. We provide training to internal teams on any of SharePoint's functionalities, from the most basic to the most complex. We can also help develop a tailored, robust governance action plan that will help your organization improve productivity, collaboration, cost-containment and compliance.