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Documents in the NTIS Technical Reports collection are the results of federally funded research. They are directly submitted to or collected by NTIS from Federal agencies for permanent accessibility to industry, academia and the public.  Before purchasing from NTIS, you may want to check for free access from (1) the issuing organization's website; (2) the U.S. Government Printing Office's Federal Digital System website; (3) the federal government Internet portal; or (4) a web search conducted using a commercial search engine such as
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NTIS signs Memorandum of Understanding with USPS to offer Federal agencies expanded services in unique Midwest location.

NTIS and the U.S. Postal Service have agreed to collaborate in offering order fulfillment, warehousing, storage, inventory management, data and customer maintenance services to Federal agencies. NTIS will work directly with USPS Stamp Fulfillment Services (SFS) located in the 'caves' of Kansas City, MO.

The unique location of SFS allows for a consistent climate controlled environment which is conducive to maintaining and retaining the quality of stamps and products customers expect. The SFS can process more than ten thousand orders each day and take orders through a variety of methods. The SubTropolis 'cave' environment also lends itself to creating additional warehousing space when needed.

SFS offers warehousing, customer database maintenance, document shredding, and fulfillment opportunities. The SFS also provides state-of-the-art security system with the facility. As such, it has the ability to augment NTIS's own information delivery, eCommerce and order processing infrastructure located in its Federally secure data center in serving Federal agency information requirements.

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NTIS Shipping and Fulfillment Services

Inventory Management and Distribution Services

NTIS' primary business is to reproduce, store and disseminate a wide variety of information products, through its production, storage and distribution facilities. We develop programs specifically designed to meet your agency's expectations and goals.

NTIS Acts As Your Storage and Distribution Center

We offer a comprehensive storage facility that includes palletized bulk storage bins with complete inventory and logistical management. NTIS receives, assembles, packages and ships your products within parameters you set.

NTIS Provides Full On-line Order Processing Service

We can create your order processing website or link to your existing site to provide your clients the ability to order your publications and outreach materials on line.  Plus our customer service team supports your customers' calls and inquiries on the phone or via email.

NTIS Offers Full Print on Demand Service

We can digitize your documents and print them on demand, reducing storage and warehouse costs.  We print your documents when you or your customers need them and in most cases, ship them out the same day.

Product Storage Distribution

Services include:

  • Individual and bulk storage, warehousing and shipping services
  • Print on Demand Service
  • Inventory Management
  • Digitized document processing system.
  • Order processing system tailored to meet your requirements.
  • Product assembly and packaging.
  • Products shipped via USPS, FedEx, UPS and Global.
  • Shipment tracking
  • Rate shopping for the best and most economical shipping rates
  • Shipping tender from the manufacturer to our storage facility at a reduced rate.

We provide you the best customer service with:

  • On-site program management
  • On-site customer service center support
  • Guaranteed turn-around time.
  • Continuous stock monitoring and low stock level alerts
  • Monthly inventory and reporting
  • Comprehensive monthly financial reports.

For more information contact the Office of Federal Services at NTIS:

phone: 703-605-6800



5301 Shawnee Rd,
Alexandria, VA 22312