Astute Technology

Astute Technology

Record live audio and video meeting content and quickly transform it into rich multimedia for viewing through web, DVDs, or iPods

Astute Technology, based in Reston, VA, is a leading provider of virtual meetings and online learning tools. Astute’s patented and patent pending Conference.CAST® technology allows for live meetings to be captured in full fidelity, including pointer movements, embedded animation and video that can be added to Learning Management Systems and training portals. This content can then be distributed within 24 hours in multiple formats with robust indexing and meta-tagging capabilities, making it easy to search content.

Astute also has the capability to create multimedia educational programs and facilitated learning modules, assess an organization’s content library, and offer continuing education programs for organizations. Astute currently assists some of the nation’s largest medical associations with their virtual meeting and online learning. Additionally, Astute has worked to extend the reach of Health and Human Services by providing knowledge portals and searchable digital video that is both highly available and accessible while meeting 508 and HHS accessibility guidelines.

NTIS has supplied high-volume e-Learning infrastructure and content to federal agencies since 1998. NTIS provides all services associated with the setup and operation of partner's LMS in hosted and self-hosted environments.

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