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Accession Number N20120017010
Title Three Parsec-Scale Jet-Driven Outflow from Sgr A.
Publication Date 2012
Media Count 12p
Personal Author D. Haggard D. A. Roberts F. Yusef-Zadeh H. Bushouse M. Royster M. Wardle M. W. Pound R. Arendt W. Cotton
Abstract The compact radio source Sgr A* is coincident with a 4x 10(exp 6) solar Mass black hole at the dynamical center of the Galaxy and is surrounded by dense orbiting ionized and molecular gas. We present high resolution radio continuum images of the central 3' and report a faint continuous linear structure centered on Sgr A*. This feature is rotated by 28 deg in PA with respect to the Galactic plane. A number of weak blobs of radio emission with X-ray counterparts are detected along the axis of the linear structure. In addition, the continuous linear feature appears to be terminated symmetrically by two linearly polarized structures at 8.4 GHz, approx 75 inches from Sgr A*. The linear structure is best characterized by a mildly relativistic jet-driven outflow from Sgr A*, and an outflow rate 10(exp 6) solar M / yr. The near and far-sides of the jet are interacting with orbiting ionized and molecular gas over the last 1-3 hundred years and are responsible for the origin of a 2 inch hole, the 'minicavity', where disturbed kinematics, enhanced FeII/III line emission, and diffuse X-ray gas have been detected. The estimated kinetic luminosity of the outflow is approx 1.2 X 10(exp 41) erg/s which can produce the Galactic center X-ray flash that has recently been identified.
Keywords Black holes(Astronomy)
Galactic bulge
Galactic nuclei
Galactic structure
Milky way galaxy
Radio astronomy
Radio jets(Astronomy)
Very large array(Vla)
X ray astronomy
X ray astrophysics facility
X ray sources

Source Agency National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NTIS Subject Category 54C - Astrophysics
Corporate Author Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD.
Document Type Journal article
Title Note N/A
NTIS Issue Number 1313
Contract Number N/A

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