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Accession Number DE2012-1045809
Title Comparison of LHC and ILC Capabilities for Higgs Boson Coupling Measurements.
Publication Date Jul 2012
Media Count 16p
Personal Author M. E. Peskin
Abstract Now that a scalar boson of mass about 125 GeV has been discovered by the ATLAS and CMS experiments, the question of the hour is: Is this the Higgs boson. The key property of the Standard Model Higgs boson is that its coupling to each fermion and boson species are proportional to its mass. For a boson at 125 GeV, we can test this for a large number of Standard Model species. How accurate must these tests be. Today, we would be pleased to achieve accuracies of 30-50% in the couplings. Agreement to this accuracy would make a strong case that the particle discovered at the LHC is indeed the Higgs boson. However, there is a second interesting question that should be addressed. Many models with new physics beyond the Standard Model contain a light Higgs boson with properties very similar to the Higgs boson of the Standard Model. Haber has called attention to the 'Decoupling Limit' as a generic phenomenon in new physics models. In a large region of parameter space, the Higgs couplings in such moer from those in the Standard Model by 10% or less. Recently, Gupta, Rzehak, and Wells have illustrated this phenomenon in a wide variety of models.
Keywords Accuracy
Coupling constants
Higgs bosons
Linear colliders
Standard model

Source Agency Technical Information Center Oak Ridge Tennessee
NTIS Subject Category 46 - Physics
Corporate Author Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, CA.
Document Type Technical report
Title Note N/A
NTIS Issue Number 1226
Contract Number DE-AC02-76SF00515

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