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Accession Number DE2012-1034906
Title Bioeconomy Initiative at MBI International, (Final Report).
Publication Date Nov 2011
Media Count 49p
Personal Author S. Kleff
Abstract Di-carboxylic acids have the potential to replace petrochemicals used in the polymer industry (Werpy and Petersen, 2004). MBI developed a process for the production of succinic acid using a proprietary organism. During this work MBI assessed the feasibility to produce other carboxylic acids either using A. succinogenes or other organisms. The development of recombinant A. succinogenes strain derivatives for a mono-carboxylic acid through over-expression of enzymatic activities was successful. Fermentations achieved titers of 58 g/L for this organic acid. Recombinant strains that produced the same acid, but a different stereoisomer, reached titers of 10 g/L. Attempts to increase the titers for this isomer as well as other organic acids were unsuccessful. MBI is looking for commercial partners to pursue the development of recombinant A. succinogenes strains for the production of other organic acids. Attempts to develop recombinant strains of A. succinogenes for fumaric acid production through introduction of various antisense RNA constructs were unsuccessful. Alternative suitable organisms were evaluated and Rhizopus oryzae, a natural fumaric acid producer with potential for process improvements, was selected. A novel fermentation and one-step recovery process was developed that allowed capture of IP, produced titers of >80 g/L with a productivity of 1.8 g/L-h and 57% (g/g glucose) yield. The process was scaled to 2000 L pilot scale. The economic analysis projected a production cost of 72 c/lb. Recycling and re-use of the base was demonstrated and incorporated into the process.
Keywords Biomass
Carbon sources
Carboxylic acids
Economic analysis
Fumaric acid
Organic acids
Succini acid

Source Agency Technical Information Center Oak Ridge Tennessee
NTIS Subject Category 97K - Fuels
99F - Physical & Theoretical Chemistry
Corporate Author MBI International, Lansing, MI.
Document Type Technical report
Title Note N/A
NTIS Issue Number 1226
Contract Number DE-FG36-07GO87005

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