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Accession Number ADA592821
Title Doing Less with Less: Implications of Resource Driven Strategy for the United States Army.
Publication Date Mar 2012
Media Count 40p
Personal Author J. E. Rainey
Abstract Current National Security and Military strategic guidance assigns the military a wide ranging set of missions and tasks that can be generally grouped into five requirements; Defend the Homeland, Deter Aggression, Defeat Adversaries, Shape the Environment, and Respond to Crisis. While these requirements are all valid, they are unconstrained by the current fiscal situation. Depending on the outcome of ongoing budget debates and decision making by the executive and legislative branches, the Department of Defense will see reductions of between $350 Billion and $1 Trillion over the next decade and a sustained funding rate of between 1.6% and 2.6% of GDP. Due to this mismatch, the Army will be required to develop plans for doing less with less. Viable options exist, including a reduced full spectrum capability; a focus on defend, shape, and respond; or a focus on defend, deter, and defeat. All three have advantages, disadvantages, and associated risks. The course of action selected will have major implications for the Army's long-term manning, training, and equipping efforts as well as the future role of National Guard and Reserve forces. The Army is fully capable of meeting this challenge. By operationalizing the problem and employing the proven doctrinal concept of mission command, Army leaders will be able to make sound decisions and move the Army forward. The Army will do its share to help the country solve its fiscal crisis and continue to defend our Nation and win its wars.
Keywords Army budgets
Army equipment
Army equipping
Army manning
Army operations
Army training
Budget control act 2011
Budget reductions
Civil defense
Courses of action
Decision making
Defense strategic guidance 2012
Future force structure
Future missions
Military downsizing
Military strategy
Mission command
National defense
National security
National security strategy 2010
Quadrennial defense review 2010
Resource management
Resource-based models
Strategic guidance

Source Agency Non Paid ADAS
NTIS Subject Category 70B - Management Practice
74 - Military Sciences
74G - Military Operations, Strategy, & Tactics
Corporate Author Denver Univ., CO. Josef Korbel School of International Studies.
Document Type Technical report
Title Note Research paper.
NTIS Issue Number 1412
Contract Number N/A

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