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Accession Number ADA591284
Title Enhanced Stability of PtRu Supported on N-Doped Carbon for the Anode of a DMFC.
Publication Date Sep 2012
Media Count 15p
Personal Author A. Corpuz A. Dameron P. Joghee S. Pylypenko T. Olson
Abstract The performance and long-term stability of a direct-methanol fuel cell (DMFC) employing PtRu supported on nitrogen-modified carbon is compared with that of PtRu/C (Hi-spec 5000). The long-term stability test is carried by means of accelerated degradation testing (ADT) at an anodic potential of 0.8 V vs. DHE for 640h. The initial DMFC performance of the MEA containing PtRu/C (N- doped) is slightly lower than that of the PtRu/C (Hi-SPEC) because of the lower ECSA of the former. After 640h ADT, the anode ECSA loss is found to be 21% and 26% for the PtRu/C (N-doped) and PtRu/C (Hi-SPEC), respectively. Electrochemical analyzes reveal that cathode of the MEA with PtRu/C (N-doped) is less contaminated with Ru. It is further corroborated by post-mortem analysis done by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) associated with EDS, which indicates 4.8 and 8.2 at.% Ru accumulation, respectively, in the cathodes of the PtRu/C (N-doped) and PtRu/C (Hi-SPEC) MEAs after 640h ADT. Although both MEAs sustain anode and cathode ECSA losses, the performance for the PtRu/C (N- doped) MEA is improved by 28% and 8% after initial and long-term ADT, while the performance for the PtRu/C (Hi-SPEC) MEA is improved by 20% after initial and decreased by 3% after long-term ADT.
Keywords Accelerated testing
Adt(Accelerated degradation testing)
Carbon nanotubes
Direct methanol fuel cells
Dmfc(Direct-methanol fuel cells)
Mea(Membrane electrode assembly)
Nitrogen doping
Platinum alloys
Scanning electron microscopy
Thermogravimetric analysis

Source Agency Non Paid ADAS
NTIS Subject Category 99D - Basic & Synthetic Chemistry
49 - Electrotechnology
97M - Batteries & Components
71N - Nonferrous Metals & Alloys
46E - Structural Mechanics
Corporate Author National Renewable Energy Lab., Golden, CO.
Document Type Journal article
Title Note Journal article.
NTIS Issue Number 1411
Contract Number W911NF-09-1-0528 DE-AC36-08-GO28308

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