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Accession Number ADA583995
Title Operational Art in the Korean War: A Comparison between General MacArthur and General Walker.
Publication Date May 2013
Media Count 57p
Personal Author R. Ingen
Abstract This monograph addresses operational art during a specific period of the Korean War. Both General Walton H. Walker and General Douglas MacArthur developed operational approaches to unify Korea when the decision was made to cross the 38th parallel into North Korea. General MacArthur's approach used two major ground commands and was more daring, but it also was more complicated. General Walker, on the other hand, proposed an approach that used one unified ground commander, seemed more methodical, and was less daring. Ultimately, General MacArthur's approach was the one that was executed. The X Corps amphibious assault did not bring the anticipated result. The outloading of X Corps in preparation for the assault took longer than anticipated, and the enemy had mined the sea approaches to Wonsan. These two factors combined with an unsynchronized ground attack by I ROK Corps eliminated the chance of a successful envelopment. The monograph provides insight into the relationship between the commander's personality, his previous operational experiences, and his preference for a particular type of operational approach.
Keywords Amphibious assault
Amphibious operations
Battle of inchon
Center of gravity
Chromite operation
Decision making
Eighth army
Far eastern command
Joint military activities
Korean unification
Korean war
Korean war 1950-1953
Macarthur douglas
Military commanders
Military forces(Foreign)
Military forces(United states)
Military planning
Naval mines
North korea
North korean people's army
Operational approach
Operational art
Previous operational experiences
Republic of korea army
South korea
United nations
United nations command
Walker walton harris

Source Agency Non Paid ADAS
NTIS Subject Category 92D - Education, Law, & Humanities
74 - Military Sciences
74G - Military Operations, Strategy, & Tactics
Corporate Author Army Command and General Staff Coll., Fort Leavenworth, KS. School of Advanced Military Studies.
Document Type Technical report
Title Note Monograph.
NTIS Issue Number 1402
Contract Number N/A

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