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Accession Number ADA571035
Title Universal Zero Specular Reflection Curves for MetaMaterials.
Publication Date Sep 2012
Media Count 84p
Personal Author C. B. Ting
Abstract Materials are generally classified in terms of their constitutive parameters, the complex permittivity and permeability epsilon in the frequency domain. These parameters are used to determine the response of materials to electromagnetic (EM) radiation. Materials found in nature have positive real parts for both epsilon and mu. In recent years, researchers have shown that a new class of materials called metamaterials (MTMs), characterized by inclusions of various shapes and materials that are small compared to wavelength, result in an effectively homogeneous medium with the unique properties of negative real and which cause EM waves traveling through the medium to exhibit unusual characteristics. Zero specular reflection layers for four material types such as double positive (DPS), double negative (DNG), epsilon-negative (ENG) and mu-negative (MNG) materials are examined in this thesis. For each defined type of MTM, the transcendental equations are derived and solved numerically to generate curves for zero specular reflection. A MATLAB program was developed to generate universal curves for DPS, DNG, ENG, and MNG materials. The results were discussed and evaluated to determine wave behavior in each type of MTM as well as how they can be used as a matched-surface radar-absorbing material (RAM) for military application. The results were compared to published data.
Keywords Complex permittivity and permeability
Constitutive parameters
Dielectric properties
Electromagnetic radiation
Electromagnetic wave propagation
Frequency domain
Military applications
Negative index
Specular reflection
Transcendental equation
Transcendental functions
Universal design chart

Source Agency Non Paid ADAS
NTIS Subject Category 46H - Radiofrequency Waves
Corporate Author Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA.
Document Type Thesis
Title Note Master's thesis.
NTIS Issue Number 1315
Contract Number N/A

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