Accession Number ADA570730
Title Measuring Information Glut: Applying Systems Thinking to the Problem of E-mail Overload.
Publication Date Sep 2012
Media Count 93p
Personal Author B. M. Kemmitz
Abstract As a result of the unregulated rise of superfluous interoffice e- mail, employees currently must wade through inboxes glutted with needless information to find the tidbits of valuable data actually needed to perform their jobs. This problem, also known as e-mail overload, creates unnecessary stress, reduces workplace productivity, and fundamentally threatens the information superiority of both private and government enterprises. Organizations that try to combat e-mail overload by employing e-mail policies, filters, and personal e-mail management techniques often find that these initiatives miss the mark or do very little to reduce the dissemination of superfluous e-mail. This thesis aims to utilize systems thinking to provide a more complete evaluation of the pitfalls associated with the above-mentioned performance improvement initiatives, and also to demonstrate the central (but often overlooked) role that balancing feedback and metrics play in systems that have underlying goal-oriented behaviors. The thesis finally proposes an Information Glut Ratio (IGR) that can potentially provide an organization with a basic, tailorable process for measuring, stabilizing, and regulating the amount of superfluous information that gluts e-mail inboxes.
Keywords Balancing feedback loops
Corporate information management
E- mail regulation
E-mail filters
E-mail overload
E-mail policies
E-mail quality improvement initiatives
Electronic mail
Government e-mail management
Government employees
Information glut ratio
Information overload
Insignificant data
Interoffice e-mail
Military personnel
Office personnel
Personal e-mail management
Superfluous e-mails
Superfluous information
Systems approach
Systems thinking

Source Agency Non Paid ADAS
NTIS Subject Category 70B - Management Practice
88B - Information Systems
92B - Psychology
57T - Psychiatry
45C - Common Carrier & Satellite
Corporate Author Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA. Dept. of Informational Sciences.
Document Type Thesis
Title Note Master's thesis.
NTIS Issue Number 1315
Contract Number N/A

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