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Accession Number ADA564829
Title Conformal Antenna and Array Design Using Novel Electronic Materials.
Publication Date Mar 2010
Media Count 4p
Personal Author J. L. Volakis
Abstract This MURI was about the invention/discovery, analysis, demonstration and realization of novel propagation modes that led to extremely slow waves (as photonic crystal modes) in textured or layered dielectric media (metamaterials). Of importance is that these modes are nonreflecting at the air- dielectric interfaces. As a result, the efficiency of the receiving or transmitting antennas based on these modes is extremely high, even though the antenna structure is very small. A key discovery during the course of the MURI was the realization of such anisotropic media in a planar configuration using simple printed microstrip lines (coupled lines, possibly loaded with lumped elements such as capacitors and inductors). This discovery led to many new and easy to manufacture miniature antennas. Because of their very low cost, order of magnitude in size reduction, and conformal nature, these antennas are finding transition in many ubiquitous applications. Two example transition projects were recently awarded by AFRL to exploit the smaller antennas and arrays that can be realized using the low cost metamaterials developed under the referenced AFOSR. They are: 1) AFRL Contract No. FA8650-09-C-1656, Award to Lockheed Martin Corp. (Skunk Works, Palmdale, CA) in Oct 2009 with subcontract to Ohio State. Phase I: 9 months (Phase II is subject to progress and review in May 2010), Title: Metamaterials for RF Applications. 2) AFRL Contract No. FA8650-09-C-1658, Award to Boeing Corp. (Seattle, WA) in Oct 2009 with subcontract to Ohio State. Phase I: 9 months (Phase II is subject to progress and review in May 2010), Title: Metamaterials Broadband Direction Finding Antenna Development.
Keywords Anisotropy
Broadband antennas
Conformal antennas
Extremely slow waves
Technology transfer
Volumetric anisotropic media

Source Agency Non Paid ADAS
NTIS Subject Category 49 - Electrotechnology
46H - Radiofrequency Waves
Corporate Author Ohio State Univ., Columbus.
Document Type Technical report
Title Note Final rept. 1 Jul 2004-31 Dec 2009.
NTIS Issue Number 1303
Contract Number FA9550-04-1-0359

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