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Accession Number ADA564032
Title Hybrid Materials for Thermal Management in Thin Films and Bulk Composites.
Publication Date Feb 2012
Media Count 143p
Personal Author J. Baghdachi J. Texter
Abstract We developed and applied nanolatexes and triblock copolymers and processes that stabilize waterborne dispersions of nanocarbon at concentrations 10 to 1000-fold greater than previously reported. By nanocarbon we mean SWCNT, MWCNT, graphene, and hydrothermal carbon (HTC). We developed waterborne coating of MWCNT dispersions to produce the most highly thermally conducting man-made materials prepared outside of a vacuum chamber. We were successful in synthesizing triblock copolymers of poly(propylene oxide) centerblocks having endblocks of an ionic liquid monomer with about 2 to 15 units on either side by controlled ATRP with PDl in the range of 1.20 to 1.7. This new class of stimuli responsive triblocks also was found to exhibit thermoreversibility by forming a lyotropic liquid crystalline gel phase by warming above its LSCT (lower solution concentrations temperatures). We showed that hydrothermal carbon can be formulated to easily be dispersed at the nanoscale and that it shares interesting optical absorption limits with graphene and carbon nanotubes. HTC is a sustainable resource that can be used for nanotechnology development in several areas, including indirect carbon fuel cells.
Keywords Block copolymers
Carbon nanotubes
Composite materials
Electrical conductivity
Htc(Hydrothermal carbon)
Reactive ionic liquid surfactants
Temperature control
Templated coatings
Thermal conductivity
Thin films
Triblock copolymers
Waterborne coating
Waterborne dispersions

Source Agency Non Paid ADAS
NTIS Subject Category 99D - Basic & Synthetic Chemistry
99C - Polymer Chemistry
71E - Coatings, Colorants, & Finishes
71F - Composite Materials
Corporate Author Eastern Michigan Univ., Ypsilanti.
Document Type Technical report
Title Note Final rept. 15 Aug 2008-31 Aug 2011.
NTIS Issue Number 1302
Contract Number FA9550-08-1-0431

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