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Accession Number ADA564029
Title Ultra High Speed Single Electron Memory Devices based on Carbon Nanotube Quantum Dots.
Publication Date Apr 2011
Media Count 30p
Personal Author D. Choi E. Yang F. Fisher S. Strauf
Abstract We fabricated a 200 nm quantum dot (QD)-based single electron transistor (SET) device using chemical vapor deposition (CVD) grown in-plane SWNTs. Pronounced conductance oscillation signatures were found in the Coulomb blockade regime demonstrating that the SWNT-QD device operates as a single electron transistor. Further, we observed aperiodic conductivity oscillations in a quasiballistic graphene field effect transistor (GFET), which is of importance for future development of graphene based nanoelectronic devices. In addition, we carried out polarization-resolved -Raman experiments performed at the edges of bilayer graphene flakes, demonstrating that the polarization contrast reflects the fractional composition of armchair and zigzag edges, providing a monitor of edge purity, which is an important parameter for the development of efficient nanoelectronic devices. Finally, to elucidate the role of the localized edge state density, we fabricated dye sensitized antidot superlattices, i.e. nanopatterned graphene. Our investigation provides new insights into the interplay of localized edge states in antidot superlattices and the resulting band bending, which are critical properties to enable novel applications of nanostructured graphene.
Keywords Antidot superlattices
Carbon nanotubes
Electron energy
Field effect transistors
In plane swcnt(Single wall carbon nanotube)
Memory devices
Molecular electronics
Quantum dots
Set(Single electron transistor)

Source Agency Non Paid ADAS
NTIS Subject Category 49 - Electrotechnology
49E - Optoelectronic Devices & Systems
62A - Computer Hardware
Corporate Author Stevens Inst. of Tech., Hoboken, NJ.
Document Type Technical report
Title Note Final rept. 13 Mar 2008-31 Jan 2011.
NTIS Issue Number 1302
Contract Number FA9550-08-1-0134

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