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Accession Number ADA563993
Title Effects of Coherence and Polarization in Radiation and in Scattering Processes.
Publication Date Feb 2012
Media Count 17p
Personal Author E. Wolf
Abstract In this report we summarize research carried out during the period December 1, 2008-November 30, 2011 under the sponsorship of the Air Force Office of Scientific Research under grant FA9550-08-1-0417. In particular, we obtained solution to the inverse problem in the theory of stochastic electromagnetic beams, elucidated how to determine correlation functions of stochastic media from scattering experiments and derived solution to an old and rather important problem in the theory of structure determination of crystals from diffraction experiments; namely we showed how the phase of the diffracted beams may be determined. We also introduced the concept of statistical similarity and showed that it provides a unifying viewpoint of the theories of coherence and of polarization of light. We also found some new results relating to the so-called phase anomaly, which concerns the unusual behavior of the phase of light near focus. We obtained some new results in the theory of correlations between intensity fluctuations of light at two space-time points (the so-called Hanbury Brown-Twiss effect). We also found equations which govern the propagation of spectra of nonstationary ensemble of pulses. We also obtained some new results relating to quantum properties of coherence and polarization of optical beams. The results of our investigations were reported in 30 publications. They are listed on pages 4-6. Summaries of these publications are given on pages 7- 13. Awards received during the grant period are noted on page 14. Scientists who have participated in this research are listed on page 15.
Keywords Bibliographies
Cross polarization
Electromagnetic spectra
Gouy phase
Hanbury brown twiss effect
Inverse problems
Optical beams
Phase anomaly
Phase problems
Propagation of spectra
Scientific literature
Scientific research
Statistical analysis
Statistical similarity

Source Agency Non Paid ADAS
NTIS Subject Category 46C - Optics & Lasers
Corporate Author Rochester Univ., NY. Dept. of Physics and Astronomy.
Document Type Bibliography
Title Note Final technical rept. 1 Dec 2008-30 Nov 2011.
NTIS Issue Number 1302
Contract Number FA9550-08-1-0417

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