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Product CodeTitle/Abstract
Turning the Tide: Keeping Pollution at Bay (VHS 1/2 inch) (Video).

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A documentary that explores the pollution of a typical estuary (Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts) and the work of individuals and local, state and federal government in protecting and restoring the waters of the bay.
Year: 1991
Source Agency: AVEPA

Collection: NAC
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Coastal Ocean in Crisis: Science for Solutions. (Video)

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The video explains the crisis facing America's coastal ocean waters and how NOAA scientific organizations are being mobilized to deal with the problem.
Year: 1990
Source Agency: AVNOAA

Collection: NAC
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Fragile Ring of Life (VHS 1/2 inch) (Video).

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The document demonstrates the worldwide destruction of Coral Reefs and some of the efforts made in 7 representative courts to save the remaining living reefs. Filmed in Jamaica, Florida, Palau, Egypt, Jordan, Israel and Sri Lanka.
Year: 1996
Source Agency: AVIA

Collection: NAC
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