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Product CodeTitle/Abstract
Medical Response to Terrorism (VHS 1/2 inch) (Video).

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The program is an overview of four unique terrorism issues: Chemical, Biological, Blast/Crush and Psychological. Each speaker is an experienced expert in his field and addresses information useful to clinicians and emergency medical planners.
Year: 1996
Source Agency: AVVAMP

Collection: NAC
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Medical Management of Biological Warfare Casualties (CD-ROM).

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This course is divided into four track or modules: The HISTORY TRACK provides a multimedia presentation on how biological agents have been used throughout history to achieve military goals. The MEDICAL TRACK is text-based and is intended to train physicia...
Year: 2000
Source Agency: AVA

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Rapid Assessment (VHS 1/2 inch) (Video).

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This program will discuss the local, state, and federal government roles in rapidly assessing damage following a disaster to save and sustain lives. Rapid assessment is needed to prioritize response activities, allocate scarce resources, and request speci...
Year: 1995
Source Agency: AVEENE

Collection: NAC HI
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If You Don't Know, Don't Go (VHS 1/2 inch) (Video).

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The video covers critical concerns for emergency safety issues for emergency medical service - hazardous materials response, managing contaminated victims requiring medical assistance, decontamination and treatment procedures of a basic life support natur...
Year: 1996
Source Agency: AVNFA

Collection: NAC
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