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2002 Census of Agriculture Results

2002 Census of Agriculture Book CoverThe Official Facts Representing All U.S. Producers and Commodities

Price: $50
Order number
: AC-02-CD1
Media type
: CD

Printed Publications by State are also available.


The U. S. Department of Agriculture's National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) released the final data from the 2002 Census of Agriculture.

The Census of Agriculture 2002 provides consistent and detailed production, economic, demographic and environmental data including facts on number and type of farms, land use, value of sales and government payments, production expenses, hired labor, computer and Internet use, livestock and poultry inventory and sales, aquaculture, irrigation, crop acreage and production, gender and race of operator, production contracts, number of people in farm households, tenure of operator, chemical use, value of land and buildings, production contracts, organic acreage and a myriad of other topics.

First time census information available on:

  • Computer/Internet usage
  • Production contracts/landlord shared
  • Multiple operators per farm
  • More detailed farm-related income
  • Cattle on Feed inventory
  • Aquatic plants
  • Acres treated with manure
  • Grain storage capacity
  • New commodities (bison, deer, elk, lama, emus, and ostriches)
  • Certified organic acreage


  Print Products: State and County Data

State NTIS Order # Price Order
Alabama AC02-A1 $41.00
Alaska AC02-A2 $19.00
Arizona AC02-A3 $25.00
Arkansas AC02-A4 $42.00
California AC02-A5 $42.00
Colorado AC02-A6 $39.00
Connecticut AC02-A7 $24.00
Delaware AC02-A8 $22.00
Florida AC02-A9 $41.00
Georgia AC02-A10 $57.00
Hawaii AC02-A11 $22.00
Idaho AC02-A12 $34.00
Illinois AC02-A13 $49.00
Indiana AC02-A14 $49.00
Iowa AC02-A15 $49.00
Kansas AC02-A16 $51.00
Kentucky AC02-A17 $56.00
Louisiana AC02-A18 $41.00
Maine AC02-A19 $26.00
Maryland AC02-A20 $28.00
Massachusetts AC02-A21 $25.00
Michigan AC02-A22 $47.00
Minnesota AC02-A23 $46.00
Mississippi AC02-A24 $45.00
Missouri AC02-A25 $54.00
Montana AC02-A26 $38.00
Nebraska AC02-A27 $49.00
Nevada AC02-A28 $25.00
New Hampshire AC02-A29 $24.00
New Jersey AC02-A30 $28.00
New Mexico AC02-A31 $32.00
New York AC02-A32 $40.00
North Carolina AC02-A33 $51.00
North Dakota AC02-A34 $38.00
Ohio AC02-A35 $48.00
Oklahoma AC02-A36 $45.00
Oregon AC02-A37 $33.00
Pennsylvania AC02-A38 $42.00
Rhode Island AC02-A39 $22.00
South Carolina AC02-A40 $35.00
South Dakota AC02-A41 $40.00
Tennessee AC02-A42 $48.00
Texas AC02-A43 $64.00
Utah AC02-A44 $29.00
Vermont AC02-A45 $24.00
Virginia AC02-A46 $50.00
Washington AC02-A47 $33.00
West Virginia AC02-A48 $36.00
Wisconsin AC02-A49 $43.00
Wyoming AC02-A50 $26.00
United States AC02-A51 $44.00
Puerto Rico AC02-A52 $22.00
Guam AC02-A53 $ 6.50
U.S. Virgin Islands AC02-A54 $ 6.50
Northern Mariana Islands AC02-A55 $ 6.50
Call to Order
American Somoa AC02-A56 $ 6.50
Census of Agricultural History, 2002.
Volume 2. -- Available Spring 2006
AC02-SU-4 $25.00
Spring 2006
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