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DWI Detection and SFST Manuals and Videos Training Program, May 2013 Edition  (Manuals on CD – Videos on DVD)

Certification for Courtroom Use

DWI Detection and SFST Videos Booklet

Price: $200
(Price outside the U.S., Canada, and Mexico $250)
Order number: AVA21575DVD4
Media type: 1 CD and 3 DVDs

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This program consists of:

  • 1 CD containing the Instructor’s Manual, Participant Guide and Introduction to Drugged Driving (Power Point Slides).
  • 1 Training DVD
  • 2 Dry Lab Workshop DVD’s

The Instructor's Lesson Plan Manual is a complete and detailed blue print of what the course covers and of how it is to be taught. It is organized into sixteen modules, each corresponding to one of the course's sessions. Each module consists of a cover page, an outline page, and the lesson plans, which include a thumb print of the PowerPoint slide referenced in the lesson plans.

Focusing on the alcohol-impaired driver, the procedures outlined in the manual describe how SFSTs are to be administered. Each of the 16 classroom sessions include a set of lesson objectives, content segments, instructor led presentation in the following topics:

  1. Introduction and Overview (30 minutes)
  2. Detection and General Deterrence (50 Minutes)
  3. The Legal Environment (70 Minutes)
  4. Overview of Detection, Note Taking and Testimony (50 Minutes)
  5. Phase One: Vehicle in Motion (90 Minutes)
  6. Phase Two: Personal Contact (90 Minutes)
  7. Phase Three: Pre-Arrest Screening (40 Minutes)
  8. Concepts & Principles of the Standardized Field Sobriety Tests (200 Minutes)
  9. Test Battery Demonstrations (40 Minutes)
  10. "Dry Run" Practice (50 Minutes)
  11. "Testing Subjects" Practice: First Session (120 Minutes)
  12. Processing the Arrested Subject and Preparing for Trial (90 Minutes)
  13. Report Writing Exercise and Moot Court (90 Minutes)
  14. "Testing Subjects" Practice: Second Session (120 Minutes)
  15. Review and Examinations (110 Minutes)
  16. Program Conclusion (50 Minutes)

Training Videos consist of 17 Modules. Some are:

  • Vehicle in Motion
  • The Truth Is In the Eyes
  • Prosecuting the Impaired Driver
  • DWI Trial
  • Courtroom Testimony

The Two Day “Dry Lab” Workshop are videos in a controlled environment for the sole purpose of demonstrating the clues of impairment exhibited by subjects under the influence of alcohol when administered the Standardized Field Sobriety Tests.

Also included in this manual are two modules that address drug impaired driving:

  • Introduction to Drugs that Impair is a four-hour overview of drugs other than alcohol that impair.
  • Drugs that Impair Driving is an eight-hour module that provides officers with information on the general observable signs of drug impaired drivers. This module was developed to increase officer awareness of signs of drug impairment and the need to make referrals to Drug Recognition Experts.


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