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Community Safety System Balancing Risk, Cost and Freedom: Including Freedom in Decisions (on CD-ROM)

Department of Transportation, U.S. Coast Guard
Salutary Technology, Inc., Moorestown, NJ.


Price:  $79; (outside the U.S., Canada, and Mexico $159)
Order number:  PB2010-500002
Media type:  CD-ROM

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This series of reports covers two subjects: recreational boating risk management and human-error accident causes. A final report on the human-error portion of this project was published earlier. The present report summarizes the series on recreational boating risk management as background for extending their processes to explicitly incorporate freedom, along with cost and risk, as factors used to weigh the merits of (e.g., regulatory) proposals for improving boating safety. After reconstructing the context of the risk management system, it discusses freedom and possibilities for its measurement. It then develops a prototype computer-enabled process to perform that evaluation, considering the needs and resources of the whole community at interest, (i.e., boaters; federal, state and local governments; commercial interests; associations, and others affected). Four reports preceded this one.

Also available, Documentation for this CD:
Community Safety System Balancing Risk, Cost and Freedom: Including Freedom in Decisions (Documentation Report). - Interim final project series rept. PB2010-101757