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Documents in the NTIS Technical Reports collection are the results of federally funded research. They are directly submitted to or collected by NTIS from Federal agencies for permanent accessibility to industry, academia and the public.  Before purchasing from NTIS, you may want to check for free access from (1) the issuing organization's website; (2) the U.S. Government Printing Office's Federal Digital System website; (3) the federal government Internet portal; or (4) a web search conducted using a commercial search engine such as

Paper Check Conversion FAQ

What is check conversion?

The Paper Check Conversion System (PCC) is a process for converting checks into electronic fund transfers.

When you present a completed, signed check to NTIS, the information from your check is scanned into the PCC computer and used to generate an electronic transfer of funds from your account.

Your check is voided and subsequently destroyed. By presenting your completed and signed check to NTIS, you authorize the conversion of your check into an electronic transaction in this manner.


How quickly will funds be transferred from my account?

The electronic transfer of funds from your account will occur within 24 hours. Therefore, you should be sure that you have sufficient funds in your account to process the transaction. If you do not have sufficient funds, we may initiate the transaction again.


How will this transaction appear on my account statement?

The electronic transfer of funds will be reflected on your account statement. The transaction may be recorded in a different place on your statement than where your checks normally appear, such as under other withdrawals or other transactions . The name of the check cashing location should be indicated on the account statement.


What are my rights if there is a problem with the transaction?

You have protections under Federal law for an unauthorized electronic fund transfer from your account. You should contact your financial institution immediately if you believe that the transaction reported on your account statement was not properly authorized or is otherwise incorrect.


What if the electronic transaction cannot be processed?

In rare instances, an electronic fund transfer cannot be processed for technical reasons. In these cases, we will use the stored check information to create a paper version of the original check, which we will present to the financial institution for payment.